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Sunday, 9-Apr-2006 16:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
mi familia escape ... to high high land

presenta chema y familia
bunga tepi tandas tapi bukan bunga tahi ayam
mendung, barang kali cuaca ada mood swing ni ari
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presentan una antología del fotógrafo

Sunday, 20-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

another Faile silkscreen work
Korea's ROCKS!!!
Hidung pemalu yg suka interframe
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Saturday, 16-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

7SEPT London a blast
The Guardian kiriman Che Jews
Reality is not an option...
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Sunday, 10-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
it never be the same, but the laugh still sounds familiar


Didn’t cross my mind to meet a friends who’s no longer living in the same region… Amanda tan lee bin, she’s back and I only got to see her hour before she depart back to Perth… then only I realised that I used to miss the moment-the good one… It never be the same when she’s around… we do have a lot to talk about, and she stay the same especially on her personality, the difference only seen on her looks… she’s gorgeous with a fantastic attitude… and a boyfriend who only know how to speak Chinese, working somewhere in Reading uk… what kind of situation his dealing with? Then only I realised, he a chef… food makes him a star… The moment revealed, Convent primary, that's where we met and she’s become the best buddy I ever hang around with… I cant remember how were both get to know each other, but I do remember lots of thing…. We spent time together in a cinema called Ruby rite after school, the place is just next door, her father was the owner… I used to tell my parents that I have extra class to attend… Usually the plan goes well then, we straight away went back to her house, take bath and have lunch together (She’s veggie). before we strike back to the cinema, she’ll silently pack up a few bucks from her maid closet… they sharing the same room, the maid was a Filipino and she won a beauty contest before… she hung the photo in the room without any consent from Manda… my friend was the coolest person I’ve ever met, what ever she did wrong she’ll say sorry and keep repeating the same act up to the limit… I don’t care cause I do know that she’s treating me nicely… back to the cinema thing, we did it twice a week or more sometimes, she got driver so its kind easy for us to move around (driver’s name: Mawi and he keep calling my friend ah bin and he does kept secret tight) he drove us back to the cinema and we went straight to the third floor, where's a small room situated and the place use to play the movie reel and from there we can actually see the film from a small square hole… once the movie start, we crawl down to the first class seating and seat at the front row (the first class showing place was more intimacy and its like a balcony where you can actually view the screen and the audience as well, umm nice view…) we’ve seen more movie than going to extra curricular, its more fun especially when you don’t have to pay… and the most memorable moment was when we run all over the theatre when the day the cinema closed of no electricity. We keep on running like we own the place, I kind of love the free feeling of breaking the rule… it is so awesome than running after a medal… right after the shows end, we went down to get some cut fruit from auntie, then got our self back to school, need to pay some respect and get notice by anyone and continue playing ‘galah panjang’ with some other student… don’t know why we keep repeating the same thing most of the day and never think of leaving the whole things behind us…

Friday, 25-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
From the heart, from my heart

Another three more months, I’ll be flying to Europe again but this time independently… I felt wholehearted when start to think about it… And it seems so obvious… but this time around ‘no rush’ like the Bangkok Express plan… being too excited will bring me nowhere, I guess… just relax and go with the flow… hihihihi…

The spirit was attacking like thunder… Whoosh! Zul was the worst, got lots of things in mind and it keeps on changing like a trend… and Kr was kind of easy, taking things naturally… the process was fun, you’re like gambling the whole scene to yourself… no doubt for the exc! I talked to myself; this is a project of a lifetime…

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